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North Carolina Personal Injury Law Firm @ 919-844-9770

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Welcome to Kline Law Office

This law practice tirelessly works to protect the rights of individuals.

     • Kline Law Office represents injured people, seeking substantial and appropriate compensation for its clients.
     • Kline Law Office prides itself on quality service to its clients.
     • Kline Law Office can be contacted at any time to answer your questions, as we seek to protect your rights.
We represent individuals with physical, emotional, and financial injuries, while we focus on quality service to our clients.
Client Services
The firm has other websites which provide information about the firm, such as &
This site ( is for client services, such as secure and confidential document sharing.
Contact Information

Kline Law Office is based in Raleigh and Durham, North Carolina. Attorney Ray M. Kline is available for home, office, or hospital consultations throughout North Carolina.

Phone Numbers

Raleigh: 919-844-9770
Durham: 919-410-8LAW
Wake Forest: 919-569-2520
Fax: 919-844-8520


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Office Addresses

New Office/Mailing Address:

1890 S. Main Street, Suite 104
Wake Forest, North Carolina 27587

Main Office:

Imperial Business Center - RTP

4819 Emperor Boulevard, Suite 400
Durham, North Carolina 27703